5 Tips – The Ultimate Grand Canyon Airplane Tour

Now that 2015 is here and the hectic holiday season is over, it’s a great time to escape to the Grand Canyon and take an aerial tour of the natural wonder. If you follow the following five tips, you’ll be able to plan a fantastic getaway at a price that fits your budget.

#1 – Book Your Grand Canyon Tour Online

Book your tour the easy way by doing it online, nothing could be more convenient. The main advantage to booking your tour on the tour company’s website is it allows you to get the low internet rate, and you’ll save quite a bit of money on your trip.

#2 – Book Your Tour Well In Advance

Don’t wait until you get there to start looking for a tour. The tours are very popular and they fill up fast, so if you wait, you might not get a seat. For the best chance of getting the tour you want, be sure to buy your seats one or two weeks in advance. Booking early gives you a wider choice in tours too, so you can get one that fits well with your time schedule and interests.

#3 – Go For The Landing Tour Option

You can take an air-only tour or one that lands at the canyon, and you should try to take a landing tour if possible. These tours are very enjoyable, and they are a great value too. One popular tour to consider is one that includes a helicopter descent to the bottom of the canyon at the West Rim where you land on the canyon floor.

If you prefer to see the South Rim, you can take a tour there too. When you get to the South Rim, you can take a fun 2 1/2 hour bus tour through the national park and fly over the rim in a helicopter. Flying from Vegas to the South Rim is the way to go since you can get there in about 60 minutes, and if you were to go by road, it would take nearly six hours. The good thing about the bus tour through the park is it ensures you will not miss out on any important landmarks or beautiful sights.

#4 – Book A Morning Air Tour

Air tours that depart in the morning offer the best views since the air is clearer then. Morning flights are smoother too since the air hasn’t heated up and become turbulent yet. Since early flights are prime time, you’ll have to pay more for those tours, but the cost is worth it if you can afford it.

#5 – Try For A Window Seat

When you buy your air tour, you can try to get a window seat. As you can imagine, window seats offer the best views. Reserved seats are not guaranteed however, since the weight must be distributed evenly in the aircraft. Your wishes will be kept in mind though, and if it is possible, you will be allowed to sit in the window seat if you reserve it. There is no harm in reserving it in advance, because if you don’t get to sit in it, you don’t have to pay for the seat.

If you keep these five tips in mind, you’ll pick a better tour and save a few bucks too. Here are a couple more things you should know. The recording you listen to during your airplane tour is available in ten different languages. When you book your tour online, you’ll see the option for adding on the recording.

Also, remember this important tip-your flight time is different from your pick up time. The pick up time is when your complimentary ride will pick you up from your hotel in Las Vegas. The departure time is the time your aircraft is slated to take off from the airstrip. Don’t confuse the two or you could miss out on your tour. Make sure you understand exactly where you need to be at what time.

The Importance of Experiencing Culture

Years ago, if you wanted to go on holiday, the furthest you would travel would be to the nearest seaside or pleasure beach, and spend a few days with the family building sandcastles in the English sun. This was once classed as luxurious, and the popular way to spend your summer holiday fund. In the next few years, Europe became a popular holiday destination, with Benidorm’s beaches swarming with English folk, and the Algarve proving to be popular too. Tourists then began to branch out a little further afield, taking to places like Turkey and Greece, where the best part of holiday makers had not quite taken over yet. Nevertheless, in the 21st century, places like Greece were becoming party islands, appealing to students, new graduates and party goers.

So for those of us who like to go on holiday to experience the culture of the island, now need to choose carefully where we are going, otherwise it may just be a version of your town in England in a hot country on a beach. Seeing the country in its natural state can be a heart-warming, enthralling experience. It’s like seeing a celebrity without make-up on, a country without all of the tourist attractions is somewhat more interesting.

Experiencing the culture of other countries is an eye-opener as to how other people live, be it in lavish mansions, or with the entire family in one room. It may not be how you might chose to live, but it will certainly give you aspirations or appreciations of your own life. It’s a different way of life on the other side of the world, right from the types of jobs that people have, down to how they cook their food for dinner.
However, with the massive range of technology available nowadays, visiting the other side of the world can be done from your own living room, with simple use of a video connection. It’s shocking to think that a five-year old could probably work this one out. But this is now our way of life, so the saying ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ comes to mind. Although, there is a substantial difference between googling a country to see what it looks like, and visiting it yourself.

Sitting at a computer and using Google maps can by no means express what a country is like. The sounds, smells, temperature, humidity and tastes of the country cannot be known unless you physically encounter these yourself. These are all part of learning what a country is like, and as a person, will broaden your knowledge and your perception of life will be enhanced.

Obviously, the cost of travelling can become quite dear, hence why a lot of people, particularly students are doing this in one big haul, travelling across Asia, Australia and America consecutively. This can be booked months in advance, so that all of your travel and accommodation is booked for each country.

Do You Need a Sleeping Bag For Travel?

It’s always been an interesting and well debated question among budget travellers and everyone has their own opinion: “Do you need a sleeping bag when travelling?” To answer this, we probably need to look at the most important word in the question: ‘need’. In other words, is it an essential part of your travel kit? It may be that you would be either foolish to leave home with one or equally foolish to be without one.

An obvious consideration in this debate is where you are going and what you will be doing on your trip. Travelling around the beaches of Thailand probably won’t require one, but if you will be travelling to places with a cold climate, a sleeping bag would be strongly recommended. If you’re hiking and camping then it should be one of the first things you will pack. Depending on the season, some countries such as Nepal can be very warm in the lowlands but cold at night in the high altitude regions.

Think about your itinerary and whether you are travelling along well established routes with a good range of accommodation. A sleeping bag may be a needless luxury but if you are staying in hotels with good bedding. Some places even ban their use to prevent the spread of bedbugs. However, if you are staying in hostels or cheap guesthouses then a sleeping bag becomes much closer to a necessity. If venturing off the beaten track consider whether you can make any alternative arrangements such as renting a sleeping bag for that period.

An important aspect of the sleeping bag debate is that it’s not only used for sleeping. In the same way that a sarong is multi-purpose, it can be used for a number of things. They can provide a little extra comfort on a hard mattress, a pillow or a cushion on the hard seats. It’s also been useful on overnight bus journeys when the air-conditioning is too generous. It’s also a safety net that enables you to sleep in some unusual places if the situation arises.

While these thoughts are true, there is the argument that it serves as a cushion little more than a fleece or sweater which you should always have in your pack anyway. The cost of a sleeping bag and the inconvenience of carrying it can be balanced by paying a little extra for accommodation with a good mattress and bedding. Wearing more clothing on the air-conditioned bus will usually keep you warm and comfortable. The pros and cons often relate to your desire for a little extra comfort.

Ultimately it’s a personal decision and when making your choice remember the importance of travelling light. The unnecessary inclusion of a sleeping bag isn’t compatible with this golden rule. When added to all the other things you really need, it could take up too much weight and space. A great solution is to carry a light single sheet or a silk bag liner. In warm climates especially this is the ideal compromise and something I would definitely recommend. I always carry a bag liner and pillow case on my travels.

As you can see, carrying a sleeping bag is a debatable issue and there are valid points for and against the idea. As mentioned, your decision should be based mainly on your travel destination, the season and planned activities. If you sense there is a requirement and don’t mind carrying it, you will appreciate the warmth and comfort of a sleeping bag. On the other hand, if your trip will be in a tropical or at least moderate climate and doesn’t include any camping then a silk bag liner should be all you nee